Using telehealth is easy, private, and secure.
Download the free Zoom app:
Apple Devices
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All about telehealth

Telehealth allows us to see each other online using Zoom. It is a lot like using Facetime, Facebook Messaging or Skype. 

How to get setup

Download the Zoom app for your device: Apple Devices / Android Devices / Windows.

You do not need to setup a Zoom account to download or use the Zoom app.

How to join a telehealth session

  1. I’ll send you an email containing a Zoom link to your session.
  2. Click on that link a minute or two before your session time. Zoom will automatically open when you click the link.
    Enter your name in the box and click Join.
    Zoom will prompt you to allow it to use your device audio and camera. Allow this.
  3. You will enter my virtual “waiting room.”
    When I’m ready to begin the session, I’ll let you into my virtual “office” where we can see and talk to each other.
  4. When the session is over, click Leave Meeting.


I do not record your video or voice during sessions. Your privacy is respected and ensured.